Francis Sling

Francis Sling, an artist, born and bred yu’i Kòrsou, creative, funny and charismatic. He describes his childhood as playful and spontaneous; being a very curious child he always loved to explore the nature. There’s something about how leaves and trees where created all with their unique design that always intrigued him.

Sitting underneath a big tree in his garden he used to paint and create little dolls and paintings. Religion and morals where a cardinal aspect of his upbringing, and these aspect still have a living influence in the person and artist he has become today.

Growing up in a family who is far more artistic than they give themselves credit for Sling recalls his dad being a handy and creative person. Even though he wasn’t an artist, family and friends would always seek to him for help when something needed to get fixed. Using his analytical and creative skills he always found a way to do so. This has taught him that in life creativity is the key to survival.The ability to create something out of practically nothing is art in its most sincere form.

As a person and artist he always strives to be the best version of himself he can be and that’s what he wants to leave behind in his legacy of work. His message to others is if you have a passion go for it no matter what people think. Allow yourself to make mistakes, let go of the fear of failing. Just like drawing if you never dare to make mistakes you will never get to achieve a masterpiece. And last but not least be yourself, carelessly and shamelessly the universe in its order will help you become who you are des- tined to be and that is YOUR OWN COLOR.

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