Farid Rueda

Mexico is a country with an extensively rich heritage and culture. People of this nation are very proud of their legacy and they have every right to be since their history is amongst the richest in the world. One such proud man is Farid Rueda, a Mexican street artist known for painting graffiti full of his country’s cultural references. However, the way he depicts these themes is not what you would expect – Rueda figures out new concepts of representing Mexican popular culture without turning it into a cliché. He is primarily known for his murals and other large-scale pieces, but he has been known to paint smaller works as well.

This young graffiti painter admits that he is very much influenced by such artists as John Baizley, Stuntkid, James Jean, Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt and José de Ribera. As you can see, he finds inspiration in the most diverse styles and moments of art history. Farid Rueda uses various techniques when trying to achieve his artistic goals. Naturally, as is the case with many graffiti artists, he had to go through many mediums before he became effective at wall painting – he mastered acrylic oil painting, drawing, watercolors and engravings. All of the above helped Rueda while he was developing his own personal style – especially the masterful usage of color. A signature of Rueda’s work is a technique of kaleidoscopic multicolored patterns. He is also very prone to changing and evolving artistically – an important feat by his opinion. The artist once stated: Painting a wall requires quick work and a constant artistic evolution. I don’t like to work on one piece more than five days, since I usually get bored very fast and my mind is already processing the next painting. Most recently, Rueda is dedicated to public space interventions, as well as Easel painting (a type of mid-size painting that is painted on an easel, as opposed to a fresco wall painting or miniature that are created sitting at a desk, but also on an angled support) and digital art, while at the same time he subsequently writes short stories that he also illustrates. It’s easy to see just how much he got from the decision to leave ENAP and devote all his free time to creating all sorts of stuff.

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