Bordalo II

Bordalo II, born in Lisbon in 1987, is hitting the worlds streets with a big message and a lot of great art to add! Bordalo aka Bordalo II grew up watching his grandfather, Real Bordalo, painting the city of Lisbon in watercolour, and spent his other time dedicated to his graffiti. Gradually Bordalo II shaped and developed his creative skills into the artwork he produces today. He has followed his grandfathers footsteps and has now taken over the streets of Lisbon, and other cities with his unique 3D artwork.

Bordalo II is an urban artist who uses trash as his medium and recycles this into eye-catching and mind-blowing unique street art. For his ‘Big Trash Animal’ series Bordalo reuses old car bumpers, worn down rubber tyres, thrown away plastics and transforms them into exceptional 3-D mural portraits of animals. Bordalo II is using his art to convey the message that we need to be thoughtful and resourceful with waste. It has a much bigger impact on the environment than an aesthetic problem. Here are a few images from his ‘Big Trash Animals’ series.

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