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Rules & Regulations


28th,29th, and 30th of  September, 2018  

You are invited to submit your application to be a performance artist at the 2nd annual Aruba Art Fair. The main purpose of the day is the exhibition and sale of original art. To add to the festivities and entice visitors to attend, we have also included performance arts including dance, theatre, and music, performed by groups from the local community and student organizations.

July 31, 2018: Artist application deadline
August 28, 2017: Artist acceptance/decline reply deadline to acceptance by jury
September 28, 2018: Artist check-in and setup at 5:00p.m.
September 28, 2018: Exhibition opens: 6:00p.m. – 11:00p.m.
September 29, 2018: Artist check-in and setup at 5:00p.m.
September 29, 2018: Exhibition opens to the public: 6:00p.m. – 11:00p.m.
September 30, 2018:  Artist check-in and setup at 5:00p.m.
September 30, 2018:  Exhibition opens to the public: 6:00p.m. – 11:00p.m.


Application process:
Each applicant must submit no later than October 30th, an application for the type of performance he/she wishes to perform via

All works submitted will be considered for jurying based upon merit. Pure Aruba Events Foundation reserves the right to reject works that do not meet the professional standards.

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Equipment, safety and logistics
Please specify any needs you have: transportation, storage, lighting, equipment (we have a limited amount available), volunteers for setup and takedown, etc. How much space do you need ? Do you have a preferred location ? Also let us know about any potential safety issues here.

We will need to contact you to give you important updates before, during and after the event. We also might want to reach you to get more information about your art and suggest changes or improvements.

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