Conocemi - A 3 minute video blog program introducing various artists to our community.

To Educate we created Aruba Art Fair’s Conocemi – a 3 minute video blog program introducing Aruban artists to our community and the world. In these 3 minutes Conocemi will go into the world of the artist; who they are, their passions, the why and their creations.

Conocemi was picked up by the media and aired on local television stations right after the news. According to Vimeo in 2016 more than 10.000+ people in 52 countries has watched Conocemi online.

Conocemi Season 1

S01 E01 | Eliza Lejuez

S01 E02 | Mo Mohamed

S01 E03 | King Liekwie

S01 E04 | Armando Goedgedrag

S01 E05 | Desiree Sporkslede

S01 E06 | Edmond Tujeehut

S01 E07 | Gabriela Gonzales

S01 E08 | Liam Gomez

S01 E09 | Rhonna Lemminga

S01 E10 | Xavier Geerman

S01 E11 | Sharina Gumbs

S01 E12 | Miriam de L’isle

S01 E13 | Peter van den Heuvel

S01 E14 | Jenny Kock

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