To really promote and cultivate art in the Aruban community; organizing only the Aruba Art Fair was not sufficient for a non-art related community. With this in mind we created different projects prior to the Art Fair to stimulate, educate and grow art in the community of Aruba.

Art Expression

To Stimulate art in the soul of our young generation we created Aruba Art Fair’s – Art Expression. In Art Expression participating schools and non-profit organizations receive a canvas of 2 by 3 meters and a topic. With a blank canvas and a topic they have to express themselves through art.


To Educate we created Aruba Art Fair’s Conocemi – a 3 minute video blog program introducing Aruban artists to our community and the world. In these 3 minutes Conocemi will go into the world of the artist; who they are, their passions, the why and their creations.

Culinary Art

To Create we decided to pair up art with food. Aruba Art Fair’s – Culinary Art puts participating schools together with a master chef and they need to create an inspirational and delicious dessert based on one painting. Afterwards we host 150 people with a 6 course-dinner based completely on Art.

Fashion Meets Art

To Express we created Aruba Art Fair’s – Fashion Meets Art. Through times “Fashion & Art” has a long and healthy relationship. Local and International designers alike will showcase their latest fashion in clothing and accessories on a one day fashion event right on the streets of San Nicolas.

Nature & Faces Photography Competition

To Capture we decided to bring forward the world of photography. Nature & Faces is an annual photography competition designed to bring forward the diversity of the local community and the beauty within our flora and fauna.