Project Description

Sri Irodikromo
Sri IrodikromoArtist, 2-D Mixed Media
Years participating: 2017
Booth Nr. : N/A

I am mostly inspired by the rich and colorful multicultural society in Suriname. In my art I incorporate cultural elements and symbols from Suriname’s diverse cultures such as maluana’s and mythical creatures from the indigenous Amerindians, jarang kepang horses and wayang figurines from my own Javanese heritage, wood carving motifs from local Maroon communities and much more.
I am fascinated by how all the different cultures in Suriname coexist and impact each other. Although their origins are very different they have formed a uniquely unified community respectful of each other’s cultures and traditions. And they have thus, in some way or another, consciously or subconsciously, helped change and shape each other’s identity in a positive sense. I am known to make large multi media batik pieces or canvases in which I incorporate not only elements from multiple cultures and often natural materials, but I also use multiple art techniques such as painting, batik, stenciling and embroidery. Women from different cultures