Project Description

Pernile Tromp
Pernile TrompArtist, Drawing
Years participating: 2017
Booth Nr. : N/A

I like to use pencils for my drawings of people, I usually do either graphite or charcoal. For my pattern drawings I like to use pen to get a “print” feel from it as if the drawing was made on a computer.
My art ranges from singers to models to my own pattern/abstract pieces. I often draw people without backgrounds but recently I started drawing the complete background. I’m working on larger scales now, last year I used A4 sized paper now I use 18in.X 24in. paper and charcoal.
I can take up to a total of 14 hours on the larger drawings and 5/4 hours on the smaller drawings. To draw I always need music to draw or else I don’t feel as motivated, but I think that’s a normal thing for artists.
When I start drawing it’s a lot of staring at the reference photo, then of course actually drawing. I like to use shapes first to try and get the proportions in the right place to then start putting the facial features, I do this for the clothing and hair aswell. I also make sure to keep using the reference photo, there’s nothing really special about my drawing process.
I get inspired by the music I listen to so I usually draw the musicians that I like. Yet this time I’ve drawn models too rather than just musicians because if I did i’d be stuck drawing the same people over and over again since I still like the groups/singers I drew last year.