Project Description

Boca Keto Sunrise

by Harold Kelly
This image was taken at Boca Keto on 9/3/2017 6:42 am. Boca Keto is one of my favorite places on the island. Its a very serene and beautiful place. I go there regularly to surf and this particular morning I decided to wake up early and go check the waves and photograph the bay. While walking towards the bay I noticed the boat which stranded there a couple of days earlier. While I walked towards the boat I noticed a hole on the side and started to take pictures close to the boat. As the sun was rising and the light was getting more intense I decided to walk back to get a wider angle before the light got to bright. I literally walked back 5 steps and decided to compose the image with my footsteps in the lower corner to make it more interesting. I shot straight into the sun to get the golden reflection on the beach and sea and the bokeh to light the shape of the rock and bring some light in front of the boat.