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Conocemi is a TV Program, News Column & Web Episode that airs every Monday & Wednessday. This program is to inform the local community about the local artists. It Covers who they are, what they passions are and what they create.

The TV Program airs during  Tele Notica at Tele Aruba at 8 PM. Here the local community can follow a local artist and learn who they are in a 3 minute episode.

The local newspaper Diario Aruba  publishes Conocemi every Monday & Wednesday in their newspaper to help communicate with the local community.

The Webisodes are aired on Tuesday and Thursday on the website and shared through social media te help reach the community that the TV Program or the Newspaper did not manage to reach.


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S01 E01 | Elisa Lejuez

S01 E02 | Mo Mohamed

S01 E03 | King Liekwie

S01 E04 | Armando Goedgedrag

S01 E05 | Desiree Sporkslede

S01 E06 | Edmond Tujeehut

S01 E07 | Gabriela Gonzales

S01 E08 | Liam Gomez