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Aruba Art Fair

Aruba Art Fair is a 3 day fair with the main purpose of exhibiting and selling of original art. To add to the festivities and entice visitors to attend, we have also included performance arts including dance, theatre, and music, performed by groups from the local community and student organizations.

The idea behind Aruba Art Fair is to promote Art in Aruba by not only trading art but creating educational and awareness programs in the community to promote Art, hence the road to Aruba Art Fair.

16,17 & 18th of september, 2016 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM
You are invited to submit your application to be an exhibitor in the 1st Aruba Art Fair. The core of the day is the exhibition and sale of original art. To add to the festivities and increase the audience, there are performances by dance, theatre, and music groups from the local community and student organizations.

Our volunteers at the Aruba Art Fair are essential to making these events happen. Volunteering is a fun way to see the Art Fair from a different perspective, meet new people, and promote art in the community.

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Aruba Art Fair Competitions

Aruba Art Fair is hosting 3 competition to help strengthen the community by involve art in different ways possible.

Art is an expression of creativity, it is a wonderful way of collaborating with other people, and its beauty is open for interpretation.

Aruba Art Fair is bringing art expression to the kids at schools and non-profit institutions. Each participating school or non-profit institution will receive a large canvas and art supplies to translate the question: “What is culture to you?”, onto the canvas. The idea and execution must come from the kids, but an artist will be appointed to assist the process, if necessary.

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Aruba has different schools that include this type of art in their curriculum. They have been invited to select 12 students each (EPB and EPI) to form 6 teams of 4 students, 2 from each school, and one executive chef. The assignment is to prepare a dessert inspired by a painting. The dessert should be artistic, and should include local ingredients. The winning dessert will be featured during the auction dinner on Friday September 16th as part of a six-course dinner, each course prepared by one of the six teams.

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In honor of Aruba Aloe’s 125 years of existence, a competition was created in which 10 local artists will transform an Aloe sculpture created by artists Edmond Tujeehut and Frank Croes. Each artist will receive the basic Aloe sculpture measuring 1 meter high, and they are free to transform it artistically in the way described in their application form. Artists can use any technique they prefer to transform the sculpture. The one requirement is that the sculptures are made to be sustainable. After they are displayed at the Aruba Art Fair in September, the sculptures will be placed at different locations all over Aruba and displayed as public art.

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